Claudia North has been revolutionising the way brands grow and thrive over the last two decades. With innovative marketing strategies and a wealth of knowledge from first-hand experience, Claudia brings an astute perspective to every aspect of digital marketing.
Hear from Claudia about her career journey, her passion for eCommerce, how she integrates into businesses and her unique practical approach.​
Claudia North
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More About Claudia

From deep digital data dives to strategy and insights with practical action plans, Claudia’s best practice approach and focus on continuous improvement is how she continually propels brands forward.

Claudia’s career began with bachelor's and master's degrees in Marketing. Today, she has over two decades of expertise as a Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Strategic Analyst. While these leadership roles make up an impressive foundation, Claudia’s skills have grown exponentially through her achievements in the eCommerce space.

18 years ago, she began an eCommerce business as well as distributed her product through Woolworths and a chain of independent retail stores. The product is now sold in more than 30 countries. This experience led Claudia to develop the world’s first eCommerce advice software platform for small business owners. She also wrote an insightful book called “The eCommerce Growth Framework™: The essential eCommerce marketing tool for small business owners”.

Claudia has been a collaboration partner with the NSW Government. She is also a highly sought-after speaker as a Masterclass presenter for the National Retailers Association, Xero and Shopmatic, and at CMO Vision and Innovation Summit and Awards 2021. Her professional achievements have been recognised through several accolades, including Top 50 Small Business Leader 2022 and Australian Marketing Institute Judge for the Marketing Excellence Awards 2022.

Claudia’s proven and innovative methods have been utilised across various industries for both large corporations and small business ventures. She brings a sincere passion for helping organisations of all sizes to navigate the powerful landscape of digital marketing in transformative ways. Her determination in opening the black box of digital marketing for SMEs, strong stance on brand authenticity and self-professed data geek is what makes Claudia North impressive.


As an advisor, I guide business owners and marketing directors to use a digital application in their marketing strategies and implementation as traditional marketing is ineffective in eCommerce and fails to deliver significant growth.

I am passionate about data driven strategies, so when I start working with brands I go straight to the source of truth with a deep digital data dive into all digital assets, data sources and performance.

The outcome for all of my workshops is a practical strategy, resourcing, costs and an implementation that the business can implement or retain me to manage and fast-track the implementation.

C-Suite expertise in eCommerce is expensive. Growth brands get access to my expertise at a fraction of the cost and benefit from consistent eCommerce marketing expertise, advice and management in-house.

The eCommerce Growth Framework™

The essential eCommerce marketing tool for small business owners
The Ecommerce Growth Book