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eCOmmerce Growth Strategy

Our eCommerce growth strategy and implementation plan is the only place to start your next phase of growth.

We go straight to the source of truth with a deep digital data audit into all digital assets and data sources. We do this for CEOs, CMOs, and Product / Category Managers who want an unbiased view of the performance, insights, opportunities and gaps across their digital activities and assets.

We arm these leaders with specific recommendations and a practical implementation plan including costs and resourcing across a 6-12 month period.

The audit project includes:

  1. Deep eCommerce Data Audit
    It all starts with a deep data audit of your digital footprint by interrogating over 100 metrics, data trends, industry benchmarks and anomalous data across days, weeks, months and years. We do deep digital data analysis into all existing digital assets and data sources.

  2. Insights & Recommendations Report
    We will uncover the story behind every metric, trend and anomalous data point to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations based on the gaps and growth opportunities across our 8 eCommerce growth pillars that include:

    – Branding
    – Data & Analytics
    – Search Engine Optimisation
    – Conversion Rate Optimisation
    – Email Marketing Automation
    – Digital Content Strategy
    – Search Engine Marketing
    – Social Paid Media

    The report typically has between 50 to 100 pages of analysis, insights and recommendations that will provide the core of your eCommerce strategy.

  3. Implementation Plan and Budget
    We will provide a budget and detailed implementation plan for your business. The plan will focus on a combination of budget, easy wins, and high impact items that all feed your growth opportunities across the 8 eCommerce growth pillars.

    The plan includes:

    – A 6 months scope of works
    – Monthly break down of activities
    – Resourcing plan utilising internal resources and/or external suppliers
    – Monthly cost breakdown including external any required supplier fees.


    It is important to note that the plan is not tied to us. You can implement the plan with your own internal and external resources or we can manage the implementation for you.

  4. Strategy Implementation Workshop
    This is a 2 hour workshop where we will present all of our insights and recommendations in detail. We will then review the proposed budget and implementation plan. By the end of the workshop you will have complete clarity on your plan and next steps on implementation.
ecommerce advisory


As an advisory service, we guide business owners and marketing directors to use a digital application in their marketing strategies and implementation. Brands and agencies alike are using traditional marketing strategies and siloed channels that do not perform effectively in the digital environment.

Campaigns and promotions aren’t effective for sustainable tactics to deliver significant growth. We use our proprietary eCommerce Growth Framework™, a strategic approach, specifically designed for the digital environment that includes an always-on-marketing approach, evergreen content marketing strategies and continuous improvement marketing funnels.

The advisory services include:

  • Bi-annual deep eCommerce data audit and recommendations
  • Bi-annual eCommerce marketing strategy session
  • Monthly performance review and recommendations
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • 6 month minimum commitment
fractional cmo


Our primary clients are CEOs, CMOs, and Product / Category Managers for mid-tier businesses that lack eCommerce marketing expertise in-house.

In this role, Claudia devises a digital marketing strategy in collaboration with the client as well as manage existing marketing resources and suppliers to effectively implement the digital strategy.

If there are skills gaps required to implement the plan, she can introduce and manage specialised experts from our trusted network. Claudia also does regular performance reporting and analysis of key eCommerce metrics to inform the ongoing growth strategy.



By the end of our practical discovery workshop, you will walk away with a firm strategy with resourcing and costs to help fast-track the implementation.

Our suite of discovery workshops include:

Branding For Growth Workshop
A simplified process in a fast-track workshop (2-3 hours) to redefine, refine, rigor test, polish, finesse, document and lock-in your 7 key brand fundamentals. The 7 key brand fundamentals will inform your visual design direction integrated across your digital footprint. (This workshop can be tailored for existing brands or start-up brands).

Conversion Rate Optimisation Workshop
A one on one workshop (2 hours) to review your website and customer journey using data to identify the most effective conversion rate optimisation best practices to improve your website conversion rate.

Digital Content Strategy Workshop
In this workshop (2-3 hours) we audit all existing digital channels, identify the most effective channels that align with your business objectives. We then identify your content pillar and topic clusters, content creation that aligns with your target audiences, content distribution, including how to use different digital channels, such as social media, email, SEO and your website. We look at how to measure and optimise content, including how to use analytics and other tools to measure the success of digital content marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimise performance.

Claudia was the first person who was able to understand the situation, understand the problem and go about putting plans in place to fix it. That has been a wonderful experience.

Schedule a free strategy consultation with Claudia to discuss your needs and opportunities for growth


Schedule a free strategy consultation with leading eCommerce expert, Claudia North to discover the hidden growth potential for your business.