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Data driven strategy with seamless execution

We are passionate about data driven strategies, so we go straight to the source of truth with a deep digital data audit. We arm our clients with specific recommendations and a practical implementation plan with costings. We can also manage your existing marketing resources and suppliers to effectively support you in the rollout.

step 1

Deep eCommerce Data Audit

It all starts with a deep data audit of your digital footprint by interrogating over 100 metrics, data trends, industry benchmarks and anomalous data across days, weeks, months and years.

step 2

Digital Insights & Recommendations

We uncover the story behind every metric, trend and anomalous data point to provide you insights and recommendations based on the gaps and growth opportunities across our 8 eCommerce growth pillars.

step 3

Implementation Plan & Budget

We provide a detailed custom action plan with a break downs of activities, resourcing and costs. You can take the plan from here to implement or we bring in the cavalry to fast track the implementation for you.

step 4

Strategy Implementation

Let’s face it - your busy! We can assist in implementing the recommendations on time and on budget. We will work with your internal marketing resources, existing suppliers and source external expertise as required.

step 5

eCommerce Advisory

Digital is not set and forget. The real growth comes from ongoing data analysis and optimisation. Our monthly performance review provides recommendations to inform your ongoing growth strategy.

When you complete what you have done with Claudia and sit back and look at the achievements our business has had twelve months past, it’s absolutely fantastic!

eCommerce Growth Framework Model

Focusing on long term sustainable growth

The eCommerce Growth Framework™ developed by leading eCommerce expert, Claudia North, follows a strategic approach to growing your business in today’s digital environment. It focuses on long term, sustainable growth rather than inconsistent ad hoc tactics.

The framework is made up of three phases. Each ‘phase’ consists of the eight eCommerce growth ‘pillars’.

The first phase is the foundations. Laying the foundations sets your business up for effective future growth. In phase 2 we apply more aggressive growth tactics. In phase 3, the scale phase, we continue leveraging the eCommerce growth pillars as well as introduce a number of new growth channels.

The Essential Pillars of eCommerce Growth

These eight pillars are the essential building blocks to lay solid foundations for eCommerce growth. Our synergistic combination of these pillars equals more than the sum of the parts.
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Branding for Growth

Aims for brand consistency across all digital touchpoints. We have 7 key brand fundamentals that we audit to fast-track digital brand cohesion.

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All businesses have a significant data footprint to mine and leverage for growth. We turn passive data into active insights continuously to unlock growth.

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We use data, testing and best practice tactics to improve your online customer journey and increase your conversion rate.

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We break down SEO into 3 components - onsite technical SEO, relevancy and authority. We align our SEO strategy with Google’s priorities.

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Our email marketing automation strategy nurtures prospects through the discovery journey of your brand. Once a prospect becomes a customer we have a number of nurturing automations for them too.

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Social Organic Content

We build socials into a digital content marketing strategy that is integrated across all your digital assets. Data and SEO research inform the strategy with a practical action plan.

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Search Engine Marketing

Bottom of funnel advertising drives key insights for future upper funnel campaigns. We don’t advise spending ad budgets until we find your ROAS sweet spot.

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Social Paid Media

We advise on leveraging SEM insights before fully investing in social advertising as the ROAS is usually lower for social conversions.

Making the algorithms work for your business

The keys to online growth are algorithms, always-on-marketing (AOM) and data – this is where our expertise lies and where we thrive.
Marketing Planning Process

Search and social platforms need data to perform. Unlike traditional campaign marketing (bursts), digital requires an always-on approach so that the algorithms can continually learn and optimise to deliver towards the set objectives. 

The power of tiny gains​

The power of tiny gains refers to the principle that small, incremental improvements can lead to significant results over time. In the context of business, the power of tiny gains suggests that making small changes or improvements in specific areas can compound and lead to significant progress and growth in the long term.

We apply this same principle to eCommerce growth. We emphasise the importance of consistent, deliberate effort over time. By focusing on small, incremental gains, we are able to make sustainable progress and achieve our goals more effectively.
Power of Tiny Gains

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